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Wide in scope and variety, electrical engineering ranges from design of solid state devices and increasingly complex microcircuits to design of communication systems or large scale power generating equipment and plants to meet society’s accelerating demand for clean energy. The fundamental principles of information processing and control inherent in an electrical engineer’s background find applications in such diverse areas as industry and medicine.The Electrical Engineering program emphasizes strength in electrical circuits and electromagnetic theory as a framework for courses in electronics, energy conversion, computers, automation and engineering systems. Laboratory courses provide design experience, stress principles, methods, accuracy of measurements and the limitations of electrical instruments and measuring devices. Senior research and design projects offer opportunities for creative work with personal guidance.

Why Electrical Engineering?
  • Hightech and Upto Date Electrical equiments and Practical Labs.
  • Fully WI-FI connected Department.
  • Educated and Well managed Faculty members.
  • Practise on embeded system and miro controller chips.
  • Evaluation Test every month on third friday.

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